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The Best Scrolling LED Signs

Write Messages and Choose Images by Wireless Remote
Attract New Customers and Increase Your Business Immediately

Weatherproof for Outdoor and Indoor Advertising
Super Bright Moving Messages, Images, and Effects
Sharp and Clear from Close, Far and from the Side
New and Improved with the Latest Technology
Free 3 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support
Top Quality Craftsmanship - Made in the USA flag
MET Lab Certified - UL Compliant - CSA Approved
Customize your Sign Easily with the Wireless Remote
Wireless Remote Control Works up to 70 Feet Away
Write 99 Different Messages of 500 Characters Each
300 Stored Images and Animations to Choose From
Thousands of LED Lights and 10 Levels of Brightness
22 Color Combinations of Red, Green, and Yellow
Write Your Own Messages in Single or Double Lines
Change Scroll Speed Faster, Slower, Still or Flashing
Can be Displayed Vertically and Horizontally
Displays Date, Time, Stopwatch & Countdown Clock
Temperature Display is Optional
Connect 2 Signs to Display on Both Sides of a Pole
Advertise 24 Hours a Day with Minimal Power Usage
Just Plug it in any Regular 110 Volt Electric Outlet
Easy to Install and Ready to Go - Do It Yourself
Includes Easy Instructions and Mounting Hardware
Displays Your Messages in 8 Different Languages
English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, Korean, Japanese, & Vietnamese
Built-In Special Effects with Many Variations
Drama, Scroll, Gathering, Hurricane, Tornado, Lens, To Appear, By Color,
      Beam, Reverse, Shaking, Pause, Dividing, Erasing, Neon Borders, Flashing,
      Sparkle, Flaming, Adjustable Width, Multiple 3D Effects in most sizes and more.
Demonstration Video    Size 78" x 15"
LED Sign Remote

Our Scrolling LED Signs are Better, Brighter and Have All of the Features Listed Above
19 Big Sizes Top Quality Lowest Prices
LED Sign LED Sign LED Sign
Tri Color LED Signs
22 color combinations of red, green, and yellow with many font styles.
31 x 13

Outdoor LED Signs
Our LED signs are weatherproof for extreme heat, freezing cold and rain.
41 x 15

LED Church Sign
Our LED signs are super bright and can be seen clearly day and night.
53 x 15

Scrolling Message Sign
Background colors can change. A bar will not block scrolling messages.
66 x 15

78x15 Scrolling LED Signs
300 preloaded images and animations. Plus many effects like neon borders.
78 x 15

Double Sided LED Sign
Order 2 LED signs to display on both sides of a pole or monument.

53 x 19

69 x 19

85 x 19

102 x 19

Flashing LED Signs
Our LED signs can be displayed in 1 line, 2 lines, still, flashing or scrolling.

119 x 19

135 x 19

152 x 19

Programmable Sign
Attract new customers with the latest technology. Free 3 year warranty.

53 x 36

69 x 36

85 x 36

102 x 36

Digital Signs
Write your messages with a wireless remote that works 70 feet away.

119 x 36

135 x 36

152 x 36
Call To Order 1-888-885-7740    credit cards
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The Best LED Sign Supplier

We sell top quality technologically advanced Wireless Remote Control Programmable Scrolling LED Signs at the Lowest Prices. We sell direct to the public and we are a supplier to many sign stores across the United States and Canada. Our massive sales volume helps us give you the best deal possible.

Digital Sign All of our Scrolling LED Signs come with a Free 3 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support. They are Made in America with strict quality control. Our LED signs are metlab logo Metlab Certified, UL logo UL Compliant and CSA Logo CSA Approved. They are completely weatherproof, very durable, lightweight and only 3 inches thick. The extruded aluminum frame keeps the weight low. The polycarbonate grill adds strength and heat resistance. The aluminum back cover resists cracks and rust. The IP 65 rated silicone coating protects it from moisture. Our signs are better, brighter and have more features than other LED signs. They have low energy consumption which saves up to 90% in energy costs. All 19 sizes have all of the features.

We are located in Los Angeles, California where we build and ship our LED signs Free to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Most sizes are in stock and we can ship your Scrolling LED Sign promptly. Our LED signs are very easy to install and they come ready to go with everything you need.
Our experts can help you with any questions. Call us toll free at 1-888-885-7740.

Thousands Of Businesses Buy Scrolling LED Signs From Us

Our customers are large corporations, small businesses, government agencies and everything in between. They are extremely happy with their signs and they always call us to order more. Our LED digital message signs are very effective and can bring success to anyone in any industry.

We sell thousands of LED signs to Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Fire Departments, Government Buildings, US Military, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Offices, Boutiques, Retail Stores, Churches, Utility Companies, Restaurants, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinics, Movie Theaters, Markets, Factories, Theme Parks, Cruise Ships, Dry Cleaners, Salons, Car Washes, Car Dealers, Night Clubs, Campgrounds, Parks, Gas Stations, Food Trucks, Health Clubs, Social Halls, Bus Stations, Airports, Event Centers, Casinos, Shopping Malls and more.

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LED Sign Clients

Scrolling LED Signs Will Improve Your Sales

Reach more people who are walking and driving by with modern LED advertising. The main driving force behind the increased use of Scrolling LED (Light Emitting Diode) Signs is their effectiveness as an on premise advertising medium. With an LED sign, you will have the advantage of being in constant direct contact with more people than ever before. You can edit, add, or delete your messages and images at anytime with the wireless remote control. The colorful scrolling messages grab everyone's attention and constantly bring in new business.

LED Sign owners see sales increase much more than when advertising with newspaper ads, direct mail, banners or other conventional advertising mediums. People today are attracted to a store that has gone digital. A scrolling LED sign works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to increase your income.

girl in carYou will not find a better way to communicate with potential clients than with a TV Liquidator LED sign. If 30 cars drive down your street per minute then there could easily be 40,000 cars a day driving by your location. It would only take a small fraction of those potential customers to make a huge increase in your sales. A Scrolling LED Sign will get their attention. This is why the small business administration says that when businesses switch over to electronic message center signs, they can see upwards of a 150% increase in revenue.

Combine Multiple LED Signs To Make a Large Billboard

Large LED SignThis picture is an example of putting four large 152" x 36" LED signs together. It looks like one huge sign because each sign has a 1 inch wide frame and the rest of the sign is display. Our signs are only 3 inches thick and lightweight. They are self enclosed and come ready to go. The sides are flat so they can be mounted back to back, side by side, or stacked. Just plug each sign into a regular 110 volt outlet. They draw very little power. You can make these signs scroll, change, or flash the messages with hundreds of special effects. Each sign can display 1 line or 2 line messages. You can do this with all of our 19 sizes. This is extremely effective and very affordable.

LED Signs
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