You'll get everything you need for a stunning complete sign. We ship it all to you and your handyman installs it. Thousands of churches have bought their LED signs from us. Great Features

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Our digital monument signs come to you already weatherproof for extreme heat, freezing cold and rain. Hundreds of VFWs and American Legions buy from us. Great Features

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Our experts design it how you like it with your logo. There are many cabinet colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. We are a leading supplier to schools and universities. Great Features

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Put up your bright custom monument sign and thousands of drivers will notice your business for the first time. Our signs will increase your sales and improve your business. Great Features

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Save money by buying your monument sign directly from us and have a handyman install it. We sell thousands of signs to sign retailers that resell them at double our prices. Great Features

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These are complete state of the art monument signs and they are for locations with no signage that need everything. If you only want a Multicolor LED sign click here. Great Features

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Bright, elegant and very effective day and night. 20 times brighter than a modern LED TV. Restaurants throughout the US and Canada save money by calling us. Great Features

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Educate and inform your city. We sell thousands of LED signs to many government agencies like fire departments, city halls, military bases, airports, hospitals, parks and more. Great Features

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Our signs are Made in the USA American Flag with domestic and foreign parts. They are FCC Compliant, UL Compliant, CSA Compliant and Metlab Certified. New energy efficient technology. Great Features

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Free 3 year warranty and lifetime technical and programming support. Everything is tested before shipping. Easy to program and assemble. Ships to you in a crate for free. Great Features

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This monument sign and the ones that follow have our new elegantly styled full width base. We ship your complete custom pre made sign to you free. You'll save thousands with us. Great Features

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We give you a state sealed engineering document for your sign and a footer template. This is included for free with your purchase. We are here to help you with anything you need. Great Features

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A monument sign attracts new members and more visitors to churches. Nobody sells more LED signs to churches than we do. Our experts can help you every step of the way. Great Features

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An impressive digital monument sign like this commands respect and will change the face of your business for the better. It is a smart investment that will pay for itself many times over. Great Features

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Completely Customizable
- We have many shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Every part of your sign can be customized. Our design professionals will work with you to create the most beautiful logo sign. Choose from our wide selection of colors for the cabinet and pedestal. If you are unsure of what you need, we have you covered. Our design team has hundreds of design templates to get the ball rolling. We also offer many LED sign sizes. All of our HD Full Color LED signs can display 1, 2, 3 and 4 line messages. Display up to 8 lines at a time on larger sizes. Display full color text, images, logos, video, animations, and stunning special effects.

Top Quality and Weatherproof
- We are constantly improving the quality and performance of our products. Our All In One Monument signs are the absolute best quality. We use an all aluminum frame with a solid steel support structure. We finish the structure with durable powder coating paint. Our design can withstand the most extreme wind loads. Each monument is made with a high-grade double surface Lexan face, a Lexan vandal cover, and a climate controlled cabinet.

The Best HD Full Color LED Signs
- All of our custom monument signs come with state-of-the-art 10mm HD Full Color LED signs. Our signs are better, brighter and have more features than other LED signs. They have low energy consumption which saves up to 90% in energy costs. They're completely silent. Advertise 24 hours a day with minimal power usage. We use high performance LED modules and the highest grade Meanwell power supply.

Wireless LED Sign Programming
- Program signs wirelessly with our easy-to-use LED sign software. You can write and store hundreds of different rotating messages in the comfort of your office from up to 500' away. Upload your own images, animations, video, audio, tables, and text. Display date, time, countdown clock and stop watch. Schedule ads to display at certain dates and times.


USA and Canada Certifications
- All of our all in one monument signs are designed and manufactured here in the USA American Flag with domestic and foreign parts. They are built to a higher standard than other monument signs. They are FCC Compliant, UL Compliant, CSA Compliant, and Metlab Certified. They come with a proof of certification label with a corresponding serial number which helps to verify that your sign is safe and meets local requirements. They are completely weatherproof with easy front access. They have new advanced features.

Do It Yourself Installation
- Our All In One Monument signs come ready to go with our Universal Mounting System. We provide an installation template, diagrams and instruction manuals for easy setup. Simply lay the foundation, connect the electricity, and bolt the monument in place. You can do it yourself or use a

Free 3 Year Warranty
- Our signs are built to last. If you leave them on 24 hours a day 7 days a week, they'll work great for at least 11 years maintenance free. We have the best warranty in the industry. It covers all parts and factory labor. We have free lifetime telephone technical and programming support. Every sign is Made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts. They are built with strict quality control and top quality craftsmanship. They are inspected and completely tested before delivery to our customers. more




Prepare The Site

Excavate the hole's length, width and depth using the provided specifications.

Quality Features

Pour The Concrete

Pour the concrete and install the anchors to the wood cross members and conduit.

Free Migration

Install Pedestal

Install the pedestal in correct orientation and adjust leveling nuts accordingly.

Free Migration

Install Cabinet

Align your sign with the pedestal and use the provided bolts to fasten them together.


girls looking at sign Thousands of people will see your location for the first time when you put up a TV Liquidator LED Sign. It's a great investment that never stops making you money. They are a very powerful marketing tool for every type of business. Their colorful moving messages and images increase customer awareness 24 hours a day. LED (Light Emitting Diode) sign owners see sales gain much more than when advertising with other conventional advertising mediums. People today are attracted to a place that has digital signage.

Digital signs stand out. They motivate customers to take action. Customers remember messages when it is on a digital sign. If 30 cars drive on your street per minute, that's 40,000 cars a day driving by your location. It would only take a small fraction of those potential customers to significantly improve your sales volume. This is why the small business administration says that when businesses switch over to electronic message center signs, they can see upwards of a 150% increase in revenue. Our customers all across North America know this well.


Lowest Prices
- We are able to offer the lowest prices on custom built high quality all in one monument LED signs because of our massive sales volume. We sell thousands of signs to thousands of organizations. We're also a major supplier to over a thousand sign companies across the USA and Canada. They sell our signs for almost double our prices. You'll save money when you order a sign directly from us and have a handyman install it. We do not charge sales tax for customers outside of California and shipping is free. So the low prices that are shown on this website are the total prices.

Free Shipping in The USA
- We are a proud American company. Our corporate offices, showroom, manufacturing and shipping facilities are located in Los Angeles. We also manufacture and ship from Dallas, Texas. We are one of the only digital signage companies that crate and ship for free to anywhere in the United States American Flag. Most companies will charge you $1200.00 to crate and ship a complete monument sign, because that's what it really costs. We custom build your monument sign, crate it and safely ship it to you for free.

Best Customer Service
- Call 888-885-7740888-885-7740 or email We take all orders over the phone so we can make sure our customers are satisfied and get exactly what they need. You can pay by credit card, debit card, Paypal or check. For speed and convenience you can just email a picture of your completed check without having to mail it. Our team of digital signage experts are also computer technicians. They are the best in the business. They can answer all of your questions. We have free lifetime telephone technical support. We want to help you improve your business. We take care of our customers.

Trusted Industry Leader
- No other company can match our quality, price, service and expertise. That's why we are the only reputable digital signage company that posts prices on our website. Some companies will quote prices based on the sound of your voice. There are many unreliable companies that sell inferior products that do not meet local requirements. We are always making upgrades to our products. We strive for perfection. They're getting better all the time. Everyday we ship LED signs to every type of business and all kinds of government locations throughout North America. They trust and depend on us.


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Multicolor Programmable Scrolling LED Signs With Changing Messages and Images.

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Full Color Video Industrial LED Signs. Allows You To Upload Your Own Ad Content.

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All In One Custom Monument LED Signs For Churches, Schools, & All Businesses.

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Ultra Bright HD Digital Displays. Upload Your Content. Display Thru Direct Sunlight.

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Touch Screen Computer Kiosks. Industrial Quality With Windows 10 Pro & WiFi.

Zillion Happy Customers ★★★★★


You see our LED signs everyday and everywhere. Our customers are large corporations, small businesses and government agencies. They include thousands of stores, hotels, churches, schools and all types of businesses. They are pleased with our products and service. Our new state of the art monument LED signs are very effective for any company in any industry.

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