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Low Price Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

Our brand new kiosks have all the features of an advanced touch screen computer like Wi-Fi Internet, Windows 10 Pro operating system, LG monitor and great sound. We have free lifetime telephone technical support from our team of computer technicians. We take care of our customers. Just call. Great Features

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Low Price Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

This kiosk is the exact same model as the previous picture. This is just an example of the kiosk being displayed vertically. They can be hung and displayed in portrait or in landscape. Includes mounting bracket and hardware. They are professional high grade industrial quality products that look great in any setting. Great Features

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Floor Standing Touch Screen Display/Kiosk

This pedestal style touch screen computer kiosk is very popular. They come loaded with all the same features as our other kiosks. They have a brushed aluminum silver finish with a strong durable base. It is a thing of beauty in a school, store, museum, hotel or any other place. Very low price. Great Features

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Floor Standing Touch Screen Display/Kiosk

This extra large pedestal style touch screen computer kiosk is our newest model. They are in stock and ready to ship. They have many applications and are very impressive to look at. They have that wow factor for your customers and visitors. Use your imagination and it will make you money. Great Features

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Floor Standing Touch Screen Display/Kiosk

Save money by buying your touch screen computer kiosk directly from us. We ship kiosks to retailers that resell them at almost double our prices. Our massive sales volume enables you to get the best price. Our kiosks are better and have more features than others advertised online. Comes with 2 stylus pens. Great Features

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Floor Standing Touch Screen Display/Kiosk

Business owners love our kiosks because they increase sales and customer satisfaction. They're heavy duty and durable for high traffic areas. They're extremely effective for any industry. All sizes are in stock and ready to ship. We crate and ship them for free to anywhere in the USA. Great Features

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Built-in Computer
- These brand new kiosks are complete first class computers with a Windows 10 Pro operating system. They are fully touch screen with an interactive touch screen keyboard. They have a 1080p high definition monitor with tempered glass. Connects easily to a printer, scanner and other network devices.

Like a Giant Tablet
- Our touch screen kiosks work like a giant wireless smart phone and tablet. They can be displayed in portrait and landscape. Your employees and customers can use the interactive display screen to browse your website and surf the Internet. It has WiFi, 2 USB ports, 8GB Ram and an Intel HD display card. Highest quality components with CE-lvd and FCC certifications. 2 stylus pens are included for people who don't want to touch the screen.

Improves Your Business
- They help to increase sales and enhance the image of any type of business. Both the floor standing touch screen display and the wall mount version look beautiful in any showroom, office or lobby. Advertise your additional products and services. Use it like a video jukebox. Download music or play YouTube. Create product slide shows with music. It has 2 built-in high quality stereo speakers.

- Help your patrons move seamlessly around your space by adding wayfinding software to one of our kiosks. It's a great way to serve your audience while giving your event an elevated look. From showrooms to conventions, our kiosks will make navigating your space simple and more efficient.

- Upgrade your restaurant today with an interactive digital menu board. Add it to your network and create an ordering kiosk that takes credit card payments and sends orders straight to the kitchen. Your customers and employees will appreciate how our kiosks assist in creating a smooth ordering process.

Comes Ready to Go
- Just take it out of the crate, plug it in and turn it on. It's fun and easy to use for employees and customers. Very slim profile with mild steel and aluminum edge. They're extremely durable for high traffic areas. Plug it into any regular 110 volt electric outlet. The wall mount models include all mounting hardware. The floor standing models come with the base. You can use the wooden crate that it comes in to safely transport the kiosk to trade shows.

Free 1 Year Warranty
- Has a free full 1 year warranty. Every kiosk is built with strict quality control and top tier craftsmanship. They are inspected and completely tested before delivery to our customers. Free lifetime telephone technical support at 888-885-7740888-885-7740. more
Demonstration Video 43" Touch Screen Computer Kiosk
Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Price



Large LED SignModernize and improve your business by adding a Touch Screen Computer Kiosk to your location. National companies like McDonalds are reporting that touch screen kiosks often make customers order more than when they are being helped by a person. Not only do these wireless Touch Screen Computer Kiosks increase sales, but they also enhance any company's image. It is an elite advertising tool that works as a giant high powered computer or smart phone. The touch screen surface makes browsing through various products fun and easy to use. You can use the kiosks to show customers your website and share products and services not available in stores. You can create slideshows of products or services you offer, or make a video jukebox and play music with the 2 built-in high quality stereo speakers. There are many more ways that you can use it.

Large LED Sign These computerized kiosks have a large touch screen keyboard that makes typing content very easy. These interactive kiosks offer the ability to streamline many other aspects of the business that normally require human interaction such as making purchases, accepting job applications, processing credit applications, managing gift registries and purchasing gift cards.

Touch Screen Computer Kiosks are very effective for Retail Stores, Hotels, Motels, Government Buildings, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Military, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Offices, Churches, Restaurants, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Markets, Factories, Salons, Cruise Ships, Museums, Malls, Casinos, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Car Dealers, Theaters, Night Clubs, Airports, Bus Stations, Health Clubs, Social Halls, Photo Booths and Conventions.


Lowest Prices
- We are able to offer the lowest prices on brand new top of the line touch screen computer kiosks because of our massive sales volume. Businesses and organizations that place orders and recommend us are growing by the thousands. We're also a major supplier to over a thousand sign companies and Internet retailers across the USA and Canada. They sell our kiosks for almost double our prices. You'll save money by ordering a kiosk directly from us. We do not charge sales tax for customers outside of California and shipping is free. So the low prices that are shown on this website are the total prices.

Free Shipping in The USA
- We are a proud American company. Our corporate offices, showroom, manufacturing and shipping facilities are located in Los Angeles, California. We are one of the only digital signage companies that crate and ship for free to anywhere in the United States American Flag. Most companies will charge you $500.00 to crate and ship a heavy duty Kiosk, because that's what it really costs. We crate and safely ship each of them to you for free. We keep a huge inventory of Touch Screen Computer Kiosks. All sizes are in stock and ready to ship in 1 or 2 business days.

Best Customer Service
- Call 888-885-7740888-885-7740 or email We take all orders over the phone so we can make sure our customers are satisfied and get exactly what they need. You can pay by credit card, debit card, Paypal or check. For speed and convenience you can just email a picture of your completed check without having to mail it. Our team of digital signage experts are also computer technicians. They are the best in the business. They can answer all of your questions. We have free lifetime telephone technical support. We want to help you improve your business. We take care of our customers.

Trusted Industry Leader
- No other company can match our quality, price, service and expertise. That's why we are the only reputable digital signage company that posts prices on our website. Some companies will quote prices based on the sound of your voice. There are many unreliable companies that sell inferior products with little or no support. Everyday we ship kiosks to all types of businesses, government locations and military contractors throughout North America. They trust and depend on us.


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Multicolor Programmable Scrolling LED Signs With Changing Messages and Images.

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All In One Custom Monument LED Signs For Churches, Schools, & All Businesses.

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Touch Screen Computer Kiosks. Industrial Quality With Windows 10 Pro & Wi-Fi.

Zillion Happy Customers ★★★★★


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