Full Color Video Sign size 40″x28″

Industrial Quality

We use only Series-A gold wire LEDs with 4-layer PCB. Our parts are far superior to those used in other full color signs available online. Our full color signs attract new customers to any type of business.

CALL TO ORDER: 888-885-7740888-885-7740

Full Color Video Sign size 53″x28″

Master Engineering

Waterproof modules in a seemless alumimum cabinet coated in Line-X. Over engineered to handle the most extreme conditions. Inform your city about special events and sales promotions.


Full Color Video Sign size 66″x28″

Unbeatable Support

Lifetime technical support, training, and programming help. Experience our unmatched customer service for yourself. Get the attention of thousands of people in their passing vehicles.


Full Color Video Sign size 78″x28″

Knowledgeable Staff

Our experts will know exactly which sign works best for your needs. No other company can match our experience and expertise. Put up a sign like this and it will never stop making you money.

CALL TODAY: 888-885-7740888-885-7740

Full Color Video Sign size 91″x28″

Easy to Use Software

Display images, create animations, & design your own ads with just a few clicks. Spread the word about your organazation throughout the city fast.


Full Color Video Sign size 66″x40″

Free Content Library

Instant access to our large selection of colorful ready to use static and animated graphics. A thousand schools and colleges have bought their signs from us.

ORDERS & ADVICE: 888-885-7740888-885-7740

Full Color Video Sign size 78″x40″

State-of-the-Art Technology

Delta PSU, EMI Suppression Filters, Linux Controller, Corner Welded Aluminum frame, Line-x Coating, Narrow Bezel, and much more. Several thousand churches have purchased their sign from us.


Full Color Video Sign size 91″x40″

Superior Daylight Visibility

We have the brightest displays at 20x brighter than LED TVs. Order 2 LED signs to display on both sides of a pole or a monument. A full color video sign will help to improve your business image.


Full Color Video Sign size 79″x54″

Easy Installation

Just hang it up, power it on, and you're ready to go. Let our technicians do the rest for you free of charge. Show people products and services they may not know you have.

CALL TO ORDER: 888-885-7740888-885-7740

Full Color Video Sign size 92″x52″

Low Wholesale Prices

Save money by buying your sign direct from us. We supply over a thousand sign companies that sell our signs for double our prices. Customers will notice your location for the first time with this sign.


Full Color Video Sign size 104″x54″

Known and Trusted

For thousands of small businesses, large corporations, and Nonprofits, TV Liquidator continues to be the most reliable option. Attract tons of new customers and boost your sales quickly.


Full Color Video Sign size 130″x67″

The Industry Leader

We ship LED signs to all types of businesses and government locations. No company can match our high quality and low pricing. This is the most cost effective way to attract lots of visitors.

CALL TODAY: 888-885-7740888-885-7740

Full Color Video Sign size 143″x79″

Proud American Company

Our corporate offices, manufacturing and shipping facilities are located in Los Angeles. We also manufacture and ship from Dallas. Our LED signs are a great investment that pays for itself fast.


Full Color Video LED Sign

We Do It All

We know digital signage. Small or Large, inside or out, we have it covered. We can help with anything you need. A sign like this attracts attention from several blocks away.

ORDERS & ADVICE: 888-885-7740888-885-7740

Free Setup

Free Set Up

We take the guess work out of it. Let our team get it done for you.

Free Training

Free Training

Our experts will have you using your sign like a pro in no time.

Free Support

Free Support

Ongoing customer support will keep your sign up, running and looking great.

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We are one of the only digital signage companies that crate and ship Full Color LED Signs for free to anywhere in the United States. Most companies will charge you between $500 to $1,000 per sign to crate and ship depending on the size, because that's what it really costs. We do it all for free and still offer the lowest prices on better quality LED signs. For your convenience, our free shipping includes scheduled deliveries and liftgate service on certain sizes.

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Thousands of people will see your location for the first time when you put up a TV Liquidator LED Sign. They are a very powerful marketing tool for every type of business. The bright rotating ads and messages will get eyes on your location 24 hours a day. If 30 cars drive on your street per minute, that's 40,000 cars a day driving by your location. It would only take a small fraction of those potential customers to significantly improve your sales volume.

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Free 5 Year Warranty

Our signs are built to last. If you leave them on 24 hours a day 7 days a week, they'll work great for at least 11 years maintenance free. We have the best warranty in the industry. It covers all parts and factory labor. We have free lifetime telephone technical and programming support. Every sign is built in the USA with strict quality control and diligent craftsmanship. They are inspected and completely tested before delivery to our customers. more

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Trillions of Colors

With our high-contrast modules and brighter LED's, our signs produce the most brilliant, vivid and vibrant displays available. 281 Trillion Colors with 16-bit color depth will prevent the color banding and color loss you will find with the 16 million color 8-bit displays. We use only the best Series-A diodes in our full color displays. Creating images, animation, and video that can be seen in any lighting condition. Sign Specifications.

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USA and Canada Certifications

All of our LED Signs are Made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts. They're Metlab Certified, FCC Compliant, UL Compliant and CSA Compliant. Unlike most of the other LED signs and sign companies, we are not relying on Chinese engineering or simply just assembling cheaply made Chinese parts. Our signs are designed here in the USA and we use only the highest quality components. Our signs come with a proof of certification label with a corresponding serial number which helps to verify that your sign is safe and meets local requirements.

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Newest Technology and Features

Upload your own images, animations, video, audio, tables, and text. Display date, time, countdown clock and stop watch. Use built in text editor. Schedule ads to display at certain dates and times. Control your sign remotely from anywhere. Synchronous and asynchronous programming available. Display your messages in almost any language. Our software is included for easy programming. WiFi options are available with our long range Wireless Antenna system. Temperature sensor/auto-dimmer is optional.

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Easy to Install

Comes ready to go with no assembly required. Built in mounting brackets and installation guide included. Easily attach to walls, posts, poles, and just about anything else. Our signs are fully self-contained, fully weatherproof and there is no need to build a cabinet. Our strong yet light weight design will help make even the tallest and toughest installations a breeze. Environmentally responsible with very low power usage. Save energy and save money. Connects to regular 110 volt power. Order 2 signs to display on both sides of a pole or a monument.

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Industrial Grade and Weatherproof

The best front accessible design with individual unlocking static duty IP 67 encapsulated panels. Our seamless frame design is far superior to the cheap A-Frame or clamshell type that you will see all over the internet. The all aluminum frame is precision mitred, corner welded and finished with a Line-X coating. This is a new level of weatherproof. We use full size 320mm x 320mm modules that require half the number of connections than those of our competitors. Strict quality control with top craftsmanship. They're modern, sleek and quiet.

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Best Customer Service

Call 888-885-7740888-885-7740 or email Our team of digital signage experts are also computer technicians. They are the best in the business. They can answer all of your questions. We have free lifetime telephone technical support. We want to help you improve your business. We take all orders over the phone so we can make sure our customers are satisfied and get exactly what they need. You can pay by credit card, debit card, Paypal or check. For speed and convenience you can just email a picture of your completed check without having to mail it.

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Trusted Industry Leader

No other company can match our quality, price, service and expertise. That's why we are the only reputable digital signage company that posts prices on our website. Some companies will quote prices based on the sound of your voice. There are many unreliable companies that sell inferior products that do not meet local requirements. We are always making upgrades to our products. We strive for perfection. They're getting better all the time. Everyday we ship LED signs to every type of business and all kinds of government locations throughout North America. They trust and depend on us.

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Zillion Happy Customers ★★★★★


"These signs are like having a robot employee outside that never stops bringing in customers!"


Multicolor LED Sign


Multicolor messages and images that change, flash, scroll and stay still. Starting at $685

Full Color LED Sign


Upload your own advertising content with video & images. Sharp vibrant colors. Pro industrial quality.

Monument LED Sign


Complete all in one custom made full color sign with your logo. For churches, schools and all businesses.

Kiosk Display


Modern first class kiosks with a built in computer. Windows 10 pro and WiFi. Floor standing and wall mount.