LED Sign Features Showcased in Demonstration Video

TV Liquidator signs have more features than any other LED Sign. We have a great demonstration video that shows many of the features that are built into our LED Signs. All of our signs are customizable and can be programmed to your liking. One of the many features of the signs is the Fix feature. This allows you to squeeze your message together so that it will appear on the sign at one time. Fix will also allow you to stretch shorter messages to utilize the entire display. You will find an example of this option 10 seconds into the video. Another feature is the Neon Border function, you can see an example 20 seconds into the video. This function will allow you to display different neon borders around your message to create

TV Liquidator LED signs can display 22 different color combinations of red, green, and yellow. You can see the multiple color combinations 40 seconds into the video. Not only do the signs display in different colors but they also offer 8 different font options and special bold characters. You can see some of those fonts 1:00 minute into the video. We make signs that stand out from the rest and having 22 different character attributes helps our signs stand out more than ever. An attribute is an animated effect that can be applied to individual characters or to entire messages. This includes characters that sparkle, dance, bounce, burst and many more. You can see some of the attributes at the 2 minute mark in the video. In addition to changing colors, choosing different fonts, and adding attributes, you can also adjust the width of an individual character. This option is great as it will allow you to make your characters wider on certain words or messages . You can see an example 6:14 into the video.

Our LED signs also have many different predesigned template messages in the sign for a variety of different businesses. These categories include salons, jewelry stores, pharmacies, real estate, restaurants and more. You can see some of the preloaded messages 1:15 into the video.

Not only can our signs display 99 messages, but you can choose to display your messages in a one line or two line message. Even the two line messages can be customizable and be displayed with different effects. You can see the two line messages and its effects 1:55 into the video.

TV Liquidator signs also come with over 300 images and animations built into the sign. You can choose animations ranging from sports to church activities, you can see some of these animations at 3:30 into the video. There are also a variety of logos built into the sign. Some of these logos include cell phone carriers, car brands, sport logos, and beer logos. Some of these logos can be found 6 minutes into the video. There are also many static icons in the sign that can be used for any business. These icons can be added to any message to make your advertisement customizable. You can view some of these icons 6:34 into the video. Customizing your messages has never been easier than with the click of a button on the wireless remote control. Make your own advertisements and specials in your own way to make your business stand out and beat out the competition with a TV Liquidator LED Sign.