Gas Price LED Sign Featured in Demonstration Video

TV Liquidator gas price LED signs have more features than any other digital gas price sign. We have a great demonstration video that showcases some of the cool features and effects. These include single or double line messages, the capability of displaying words with gas prices, pre-loaded images, animations and icons for gas stations, neon borders, various color options and much more.

You can see an example of a two line message with the word “Cash” on the top line with the gas price on the second line about 28 seconds into the video. There are many ways you can incorporate words like Cash, Credit, Unleaded, Diesel and Premium with your gas prices using our signs. A good example of this can be seen 35 seconds into the video with the word “Cash” and the gas price on the same line. There are many variations of combining words and prices together.

Another great feature are the icons, animations, and images built-in to the signs for gas stations. There are images of gas pumps, cars at  fuel pumps, food rest stop symbols and much more. You can view a few of these 40 seconds into the video. Another way to make gas prices more attractive is by using the neon effect in the sign. This effect creates a blinking border around your prices making them brighter and more noticeable than the regular signs at other gas stations. You can see the blinking neon border about 53 seconds into the video.

TV Liquidator LED signs can also display 22 different color combinations of red, green and yellow. This allows you to change background colors, use one or all three colors, or even make the letters flash different colors. An example can be seen 1 minute 18 seconds into the video.

Upgrade your signs and beat out the competition with a bright gas price LED sign from TV Liquidator.