LED Signs Bring New Customers to Liquor and Convenience Stores

LED Sign

Liquor stores and convenience stores have many competitors and have trouble attracting new customers to their stores. TV Liquidator is helping these stores beat out the competition by brightening up their businesses with scrolling LED Signs. They are upgrading their existing signage with the most effective and affordable way to advertise. Potential customers are most attracted to a store that has gone digital because their business looks updated with a cleaner appearance.  Liquor and convenience stores love promoting their products, and with the ability to constantly change their advertisements it has never been easier. They display their products, specials, ATM available, EBT accepted, hours, discounts, and much more. People are more likely to look at a bright sign that is constantly changing rather than a dull static message. Liquor and convenience stores are upgrading, modernizing and improving their businesses with bright moving LED Signs by TV Liquidator.

Here are some Liquor and Convenience stores that have bought signs from TV Liquidator:

Carter’s Beverage
Country Store Rison
San Ramon Food, Gas & Liquor
US Gas Mart
Koppur Lantern Liquor
Sherman Market
Van Ness Liquor
Valley Market
Oak Hill Market
El Chipotle Latin Market
Yogi’s Stop and Save
BP Food Mart
Plaza Drive Liquor & Tobacco
Mediterranean Mart
Convenient Food Mart
Route 11 Liquor
H&S Discount Food Mart
Estherwood Country Store
C & M Food Mart
Albion Corner Store
Good Time Liquors
MK Smoke & Convenience Store
Hometown Wine & Liquor
Balkan Market
HR Liquor Mini Market
Jeffco Liquor
Slims Liquor Liquidator
Corner Stop
Newfield Discount Liquor
Rancocas Wine & Spirits
Newport Beverage
Terrys Food Mart
Farmingville Liquor
AB Food Mart
Sunrise Convenient
Ivy Mini Mart
Star Beer Distributors
North Broadway Market
Food Mart
Corner Liquors
PK Liquor
Seabrook Market
7 Market
Dumfries Mini Mart
Super C Store
A&J Liquor
That’s the Spirit Liquor Store