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TV Liquidator LED Signs

TV Liquidator’s remote control programmable LED signs are designed to get the right message at the right time to the right people using the right media! Display coffee and donut promotions in the morning, pizza and beverages in the afternoon and beer and cigarettes at night. When customers drive by a static sign over and over again, the customer will quit looking at them. However, they will always look at a sign that they know changes. Also, customers are more drawn to a store that has gone digital because state-of-the-art signage often equates to state-of-the-art merchandising.

Random signs and banners covering every square inch can make a store look cluttered, dirty and promotes issues with floor space. However, our bright LED signs can help by promoting your merchandise inside, giving you more floor space and helps save $$$ on printing. Not only do our signs create more open usable space, save you money, and advertise 24/7, they are environmentally responsible. Our signs are energy savers and use less than three amps of power for any size. TV Liquidator LED signs are the most efficient and cost effective way to advertise.

One of our customers is Loves Travel Stops and Country Stores. They are very happy with the effectiveness of our LED Signs. They now have two TV Liquidator LED Signs at almost all of their 300 locations nationwide. They have one outside to attract more customers and one inside to inform customers of products that they promote.

In 2000, Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores debuted at number 446 in Forbes Magazine’s annual list of America’s largest private companies. By 2013, Love’s Travel Stops had climbed to No. 9. Currently, Love’s operates more than 300 locations and employs 10,000 people in 39 states. With annual sales exceeding $26 billion, Love’s is a proven leader in the gas station industry and is continuing to grow.

In summary, LED message signs by TV Liquidator are one of the most effective ways to effectively advertise and increase sales at any type of gas station or service center.