LED Signs Designed to Comply with All Regulations and LED Sign Permit

led sign permit

90% of our customers order and install our LED signs without getting a permit, as it is not usually necessary. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about obtaining an LED sign permit with one of TV Liquidator’s LED Signs. Some cities have minor requirements specified in their codes or ordinances pertaining to signage. However, our signs are designed to easily be modified, with the wireless remote provided, to fit any city sign requirement. For example, if your city requires all LED signs to dim at night fall, our sign can do it. All of our signs have ten levels of brightness and the dimmer function can be turned on or off at certain times with the brightness timer. Another example would a city requiring static messages that can only be changed once an hour. This is not an issue, as our signs can be programmed with many features including messages that remain static for a set amount of time. Our signs have up to 22 color combinations of Red, Green, & Yellow, but can easily be programmed using just one color if you’re required to have a monochrome display.

Our LED signs use 110 volt power and can be plugged into any standard outlet. Our LED signs are huge energy savers, they draw less than 3 amps and have the wattage as low as house hold light bulbs. You can leave your sign on 24/7 with with very little increase in monthly power consumption. All of our signs have Mean Well Power Supplies; that are high quality & UL approved for a brighter, more energy efficient LED display. We build our signs here in the U.S., and all of our product is MET Lab Trusted. Our MET Lab certification complies with UL48, UL8750 and UL1433.

The sign can be mounted to any surface using the provided brackets/hardware, and are very easy to install. They are aluminum framed, weatherproof, lightweight and can be retrofitted into any other cabinet, frame or space designed. We have helped many customers overcome different obstacles with their cities and we can help you. Most cities do not require a permit, but if your city does, you can be sure TV Liquidator’s LED Signs will comply.