LED Signs help Fire Departments Keep Their Communities Safe

led signs for fire departments

TV Liquidator’s LED signs help thousands of businesses across the country grow each year. But did you know our signs are also used to help our nations fire departments share important and life saving information within their communities? Fire Departments have found many ways to use the signs as an awareness generator to bring their communities together and keep them safe. Upgrade your form of communication to the public with one of our energy saving, completely weatherproof scrolling LED signs.

TV Liquidator’s LED signs have been extremely beneficial for fire departments. LED Message Signs can be used for rapid mass notification to the public, color coded messages, flashing messages for urgent matters, security alerts, weather reports, displaying shelter locations, updates in news and events. With the click of a button on the wireless remote control you can help keep your community informed and safe.

Here are some of the Fire Departments that have bought from TV Liquidator:
Lake Mojave Rancho Fire District, Arizona
South San Francisco Fire Department, California
Richburg Fire Company, New York
Thompson Fire Department, North Dakota
North Star Volunteer Fire Department, Alaska
Renan Volunteer Fire Department, Virginia
Silver City Volunteer Fire Department, Iowa
New Bremen Fire Department, New York
Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, Colorado
Rockford Fire Department, Iowa
Northern Arizona Fire Department, Arizona
Tyco Fire Department, Wisconsin
Collings Lakes Fire Department, New Jersey
Placer County Fire Department, California
Clarksville Community Fire Department, Pennsylvania
Smyrna Fire Department, New York
Laurens Volunteer Fire Department, New York