U.S. Government Keeps Buying TV Liquidator LED Signs

government led sign

Government buildings and organizations have always had a need to inform the public of important updates and current events. Advancements in LED technology has allowed the government to harness the power and effectiveness of LED sign advertising. LED Signs offer a new level of communication for government and community officials. With digital programmable messages, they are able to save time and cut advertising costs. In turn, this new form of advertising is saving tax payers a lot of money.

Government funded organizations such as public schools, military branches, city halls, political centers, fire departments, and many more have been updating their old signage for new TV Liquidator LED signs. TV Liquidator offers high quality American made LED signs at affordable prices. All of their signs are 100% weatherproof and easy to use. TV Liquidator signs have been used for a variety of government buildings throughout the United States and Canada.

Here are some of the government funded organizations that have bought from TV Liquidator:

United States Coast Guard
US Air Force 911th Airlift Wing
Lake Adventure Community Association
Armstrong County Community Action
Aiken County Emergency Services
Deweyville Elementary School
Renan Volunteer Fire Department
Town of Stephenson
Saratoga Middle School
Cape Breton Business College
North Star Volunteer Fire Department
Northern Arizona Fire Department
Lake Mojave Ranch Fire District
San Gabriel Valley Republican Center
Placer County Fire Station #100
St. Patrick’s School
Health Profession High School
Penrose Volunteer Fire Department
Granada High School
Town of Georgetown City Hall
Fairfield Warde High School
Tripoli City Hall
Silver City Volunteer Fire Department
Rockford Fire Department
Concordia City Hall
St. Francis Xavier School
Town of Brentwood
Boone Elementary School
Epsom Central School
Collings Lakes Fire Department
South Plainfield High School
Secaucus High School
Marian E. McKeown School
John E. Joy School
New Brenen Fire Department
Richburg Fire Department
Smyrna Fire Department
Laurens Fire Department
Thompson Fire Department
Pike County Agricultural Society
Carrollton Township Community Center
St. Clairsville-Richland School District
North Central School
Eastern Oklahoma State College
Barnsdall City Hall Chamber of Commerce
Kemp Elementry School