Full Color Video LED Sign Demonstration Video

Demonstration Video

Full Color Video LED Sign – Size 78″ x 40″


TV Liquidator’s new Full Color LED Sign Demonstration video shows many examples of advertisements for businesses and can be used by anyone to attract new customers to their business. With 281 trillion colors, you can create and design colorful advertisements and make your display stand out more than any other competitor’s signage. TV Liquidator’s Full Color LED Signs are four times brighter than other LED Signs and have a brightness level of 10,000 NITS. You can customize your messages by uploading your own images, animations, logos, video, tables and text by using the XM Player Software that comes with the signs. This easy to use software also allows you to display time, date, countdown clock, stop watch and scheduling ads to display at certain times and certain days. All of TV Liquidator’s signs come with the mounting hardware that you will need, the XM Player Software, a 50 foot CAT5/Ethernet Cable, an instruction manual and a free 3 year warranty. They also offer free technical support, free programming assistance and will help you with any programming questions.

TV Liquidator’s signs are made in the United States and are MET Labs certified, UL Compliant and CSA Approved. All of the signs are completely weatherproof and ready for indoor and outdoor use. The signs also use minimal power and are environmentally responsible, saving you money. TV Liquidator’s full color signs have four diodes per pixel with two red LED’s, one green and one blue. Other full color signs will have three diodes per pixel with the colors red, green and blue. The extra LED per pixel gives the sign a brighter and sharper appearance.

The Full Color Demonstration Video has many examples of advertisements that you can use for your business. For example, this video shows advertisements for schools such as back to school, open house, Homecoming, spring break, summer break and winter break. There are also other advertisements in the video such as sports events with baseball, football, basketball and golf. There is also happy hour and specials for restaurants, karaoke for bars, bible study times for churches, sales specials for retail stores, cash loans and auto loans, community alerts for weather or amber alerts, and holiday advertisements.  Here are more example of advertisements in this demonstration video:

– Arcades
– Lottery
– Open 24 Hours
– Fast Food
– Auto Insurance
– Auto Services
– Smog Check
– Beauty Salons
– Birthday Parties
– Bowling Events
– Car Wash
– Cell Phone Stores
– Real Estate
– Job Fairs
– Movie Theaters
– Gas Stations
– Hotels
– Banking
– Political Campaigns