New Gas Price LED Sign Demonstration Video

TV Liquidator has the ultimate gas price LED Signs with the lowest prices on their brand new models. The new demonstration video from their website shows all of the newest features their signs can display on the new models. The beginning of the video starts off by showing you how easy it is to input a gas price on the LED Sign with the new wireless remote keyboard. The new keyboard gives the customer the most user friendly programming tool on the market, which no other sign company offers.

After programming your gas price into the sign, you have the ability to change the colors of the gas price to any combination of red, green and yellow. At 36 seconds into the new video, you will see the programmer changing the color from red to green with only a click of a button. You can even change the 9/10 symbol in the sign to red, green or yellow which you can also see at 42 seconds into the video. Not only can you change the gas price color, but you can also change the background colors too to customize your message. At a minute into the video you can see different color combinations you can use for your gas price.

In addition to customizing your gas price with color, you can also put multiple gas prices in a 2 line message. At 1 minute 6 seconds into the video, you will see examples of displaying two gas prices in the same message. You have the ability to use two lines of text per message so you can display two gas prices at once. Also, you can change the background colors in a two line message and you can see an example at 1 minute 11 seconds into the video. These signs can display much more than just prices, you can also add text next to or on top of your gas price. For instance, you can put words such as “Regular” or “Supreme” next to your price or on top of your price. An example of this can be seen at 1 minute 22 seconds into the video.

Just when you think these signs have the best features a gas price sign can possibly have, there are many more features built into the sign that you can choose from. For example, you can make your gas price blink, flash, scroll or stay static which you can see at 1 minute 41 seconds into the video. The sign will ask you what features you want to display and a simple push of a button on the keyboard will give you the feature you desire. Another option you have is to display advertising messages in between displaying your gas prices. For instance, you can display your gas price and then display the name of your gas station in between the gas prices. This option can be seen 1 minute 50 seconds into the video. You can even advertise your in-store merchandise by promoting drinks, food, cigarettes etc. You can see the advertisements for the in-store goods by watching the video at 2 minutes.

The sign in the video is a 41″ x 15″ LED Sigh which is one of the more popular gas price signs sizes. TV Liquidator is the United States distributor of LED Signs and they provide their signs to gas stations across the nation. With their booming reputation and professional experience, TV Liquidator is changing the faces of gas stations everywhere and helping gas stations increase business.