TV Liquidator’s 4-Line LED Sign

4 Line LED Sign

TV Liquidator’s newest LED Signs with a wireless remote keyboard is unlike any other LED sign on the market. One of the newest features on their signs is the ability to display a 4 line message on any 36″ tall sign. These are the only signs on the market that can display a 4 line message on a remote control programmable sign. This new option is great for businesses and organizations that want to display more content on a static message. This is all done through the new full keyboard remote control that can work up to 70 feet away. The new wireless remote keyboard is user friendly and can be used by anyone. Programming a 4 line message into the sign is as easy as hitting a few buttons on the remote control.

When programming the 36″ tall signs, you can decide between a one line message, a two line message, a three line message or a 4 line message. On the 36″ tall sign you can display a one line message that will give you 33″ tall characters that can be read legibly at 1,000 feet away. For a two line message, you can achieve 16.5″ tall characters on each line that can be read legibly at 500 feet away. On a three line message, you can have three lines of 7″ tall characters that centers itself in the sign and you can read those characters legibly at 325 feet away. Finally, on a four line message, you can display four lines of 7″ tall characters that can be legibly read at 325 feet away.

These signs can display more than just text and you can customize your message to fit your advertising needs. On a 4 line message you can customize the color, the font style, the font width, font stretch and attributes on individual characters. Also, there are also many effects you can choose for each message such as 3D effects, scroll, static messages, random effects, animation effects, letter effects, enlarge effects, reduce effects, laser effects, pattern effects, border effects, fade out effects and special effects. These new features on the signs give business owners freedom to create their own advertisements in the easiest and fastest way possible. Upgrade your business with the newest advertising technology out there, with one of TV Liquidator’s new Scrolling LED Signs with a Wireless Remote Keyboard.