The Best Ways to Boost Sales with Your LED Sign

Scrolling LED signs

People are curious about how to use LED signs to help improve their business. TV Liquidator has been helping business owners create the best advertisements that can help boost sales. An LED sign is your 24/7 salesman. A good salesman is refined, and so too should be LED sign advertisements. Here are some of the best ways to utilize an LED sign’s capabilities to create successful ads:

Frequently Update Your Messages and Advertisements
Constantly changing messages and advertisements is the best way to catch that potential customer. People will always take the time to look at a sign if they know it will change. If you offer products or services that appeal to different people at different times, simply rotate messages in your sign to be sure to catch the right customer at the right time. For example, this can mean advertising hot coffee in the morning, a lunch special at noon, or an ATM machine after the bank closes in the evening.

Promote Upcoming Sales and Discounts
Potential customers that look at your digital sign want to see what your business offers. People do not want to just see your business name and logo, they want to see what sales your having or what discounts your business is offering. Promoting sales and discounts with TV Liquidator can also spark the interest of an impulse buyer and help increase your sales. For example, someone that stops in to take advantage of the “buy one get one free” deal will likely purchase other items as well.

Using Colors and Effects
Using a digital sign with a static message will be noticed by a customer but will most likely not leave an impression. Using multiple colors can give your sign a festive appearance and vivid color is more appealing. LED sign special effect are also guaranteed to be an attention getter. People will notice a digital sign that has moving, dancing, blinking and scrolling messages. It is a natural reaction for people to look at something that is bright and moving. So change up some of your regular messages and add some pizazz to your business with different effects on your advertisements. 

Using Images and Animations
Incorporating images, icons, symbols and animations into your messages will really show customers the aspects of your services. In general, you have 10 to 30 seconds to make an impression on that passing by customer, so for those that cannot read your message, a picture is worth 1000 words. Use images and graphics that can help support the message and keep text concise and easy-to-read.