TV Liquidator LED Signs Have All of The Latest Features

LED Signs Features

Businesses owners are rapidly ordering LED signs to increase their marketing efforts and replace their outdated signage. These businesses need signs to be completely customizable allowing them to fit their style and originality. TV Liquidator LED Signs offer more customization and have more features than any other sign.

TV Liquidator signs can display 99 different messages, all with unique styling, features, and effects. Each message can contain up to 500 characters, which include symbols, icons, images, and animations. Businesses can now display multiple advertisements, getting more important information out to potential customers. All of TV Liquidator’s signs can also display both single line and double line messages for more detailed messages.

Most other LED companies will have text only signs, or will require third party software to design animations and other custom content. TV Liquidator LED Signs have over 300 specially designed images and animations that work great for any type of business or organization. They also have thousands of possible combinations of text attributes and display effects. With multiple, built-in font options, text styling, neon borders, and neon backgrounds, their signs can display the highest quality advertisements programmed with an easy to use wireless remote control.

TV Liquidator signs can display date, time, stopwatch, count down clock, and temperature(optional). The signs can easily be set to display messages vertically or horizontally. As mentioned, there are various display effects such as Scroll, Drama, Gathering, Hurricane, Tornado, Lens, To Appear, By Color, Beam, Reverse, Shaking, Pause (Static Message), Dividing, Erasing, Flashing, Sparkle, Flaming, Adjustable Width and Multiple 3D Effects. Business owners can also display their messages in 8 different languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese.

With TV Liquidator LED Signs, business owners can now display their own advertisements however they please to attract more customers to their business.